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All Kensal Green Cemetery Records Available

All records for Kensal Green Cemetery and West London Crematorium are now available to search on the database
From this week, all 330,000 records for Kensal Green Cenetery and West London Crematorium can be searched on Deceased Online. They include all burial and cremation records from 1833 to 2010. This release heralds the exclusive digitisation of records on the site from two of the 'Magnificent Seven' cemeteries. And we have more to come soon. Watch this space!

Among the famous names included in this latest release of records is the iconic sixties and seventies designer, Ossie Clark (1942-1996). Immortalized in the 1971 painting (above), Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy, by his friend, David Hockney, Clark dressed Mick Jagger, Marianne Faithfull, Liza Minnelli and the Beatles. His clothes are still highly sought after, with his vintage designs being worn by Kate Moss and other modern trend-setters. Clark's style continues to influence designers sich as Anna Sui, Christian Lacro…

Scottish Memorial Inscriptions

This week I'm highlighting one of our lesser known datasets - the Scottish Memorial Inscriptions (SMI) Collection.  

2014 is the year of Homecoming in Scotland. Those of us with Scottish ancestors can visit the region and attend a range of events focusing on its rich history. Scotland's Tartan Day, for example, will be held in the Easter school holidays (5-13 April), and marks the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath in 1320.

Deceased Online's SMI collection can help you find Scottish ancestors, even if they are not buried in Scotland. Some may have died and been buried abroad or at sea, but are commemorated at their birthplace or family home.

Compiled by our partners at Scottish Memorial Inscriptions, the SMI collection includes a huge range of varying data from roughly 200 cemeteries and burial grounds across the following counties:

Dundee City
Lanarkshire (North and South)

Kensal Green Cemetery in the Twentieth Cemetery

As all records for 1901-1930 have now been added to the Deceased Online database, I conclude the series of posts on Kensal Green Cemetery with a look at its more recent history

After 1900, the Cemetery of All Souls at Kensal Green continued to be a popular burial ground with all classes. Several of the remains buried were of those who died far from London. That year, the popular musician, Henry Russell (1812-1900), was buried beneath a large stone seat, erected in memory of his emotional ballad 'My Old Armchair'. A pianist and baritone singer as well as compose, Russell is perhaps better known today for his work, 'A Life on the Ocean Wave'.

1904 saw the burial ofGeneral Sir Collingwood Dickson (1817-1904), who was awarded the Victoria Cross in the Crimean War for his courage at the Siege of Sebastopol on 17 October 1854. 

Kensal Green Cemetery 1860-1900