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Oxford City Council Collection on Deceased Online

This week I look at the full collection of burial and cremation records on Deceased Online from the historic city of Oxford In August 2018, Deceased Online added almost 50,000 burial and cremation records from the Oxford cemeteries of Botley, Rose Hill and Wolvercote, fromOxford City Council. In July 2019, records for the fourthcemetery, Headington Cemetery,were uploaded to the database. Records from 1899 to 2007 are available to search and view, with burial and grave register scans, a grave section location map, and details of other burials in the grave. Headington Cemetery records
digital scans of all burial registers up to 2007 computerised data 2007-2016maps showing the section in which the grave is locatedgrave details for each of the graves and their occupants. History of Headington Cemetery By the mid-nineteenth century, Headington urgently needed a new burial ground as the village grew, and the existing graveyard at St Andrew's Church was running out of space. Two acres of lan…