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New Collection: Cheshire East

More records for county of  Cheshire as Cheshire East Collection (1861-2015) is added to the Deceased Online database. As someone who grew in Lancashire, I am delighted that Deceased Online has extended its North West England collection with the addition of burial and cremation records from neighbouring Cheshire East
Deceased Online has recently digitised burial and cremation data for the south part of the Cheshire East Council area, managed by OrbitasBereavement Services. This covers the following sites: 
Congleton Cemetery (500 records) 2004 - 2015Coppenhall Cemetery (10,400 records) 1861 - 2015Crewe Cemetery (51,750 records) 1872 - 2015Nantwich Cemetery (11,150 records) 1870 - 2015Sandbach Cemetery (3,950 records) 1935 - 2015Weston Cemetery (1,150 records) 1908 - 2015Crewe Crematorium (52,100 records) 1937 - 2009 (+ 1 record from 1945)History The oldest records in this collection come from the mid-Victorian Coppenhall Cemetery. Covering 9.44 acres, the cemetery was designed for the …