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Highgate Cemetery

This week Deceased Online adds burial records for the magnificent  Highgate Cemetery in north London We are very excited to announce the release of records for Highgate Cemetery, one of London’s 'Magnificent Seven'. A total of 160,000 records have been uploaded to the database of this significant collection, which dates from 1839 to 2010. They include coverage of the first three decades: 1840 to the early 1870s, with a gap in the records from 1863 to 1865.
Highgate’s original burial registers are held at the cemetery itself and at Camden Local Studies and Archives Centre in Holborn but are available online only throughDeceased Online
History Like the other ‘Magnificent Seven’ cemeteries, Highgate Cemetery is world-renowned, contains hundreds of notable burials, has several listed monuments, and provides a haven to inner-city wildlife. EnglishHeritage has designated the cemetery as a Grade I park. Highgate is the third oldest of these cemeteries, opened in 1839 by the Bishop of Lo…