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Nunhead Cemetery

Today Deceased Online launches the burial records for the Magnificent Cemetery of Nunhead in South London. Below I explore the history of the cemetery and highlight some of the notable burials in this new collection.
Nunhead is one of London's Magnificent Seven Cemeteries that were laid out around the edge of the capital in the mid-19th century. Located in the populous London Borough of SouthwarkSE15, in the words of the Friends of Nunhead Cemetery (FONC), Nunhead is "the most attractive of the seven".

As early as 1878, the writer and genealogist Edward Walford (1823-1897) was celebrating the beauty of the site as follows:

Nunhead Cemetery, covering an area of about fifty acres, occupies the summit of some rising ground, whence a good view is obtained of the surrounding neighbourhood. The cemetery was consecrated by the Bishop of Winchester in 1840, and is beautifully laid out with gravel walks, and thickly planted with trees, shrubs, and flowers. The chapels in the groun…

Bandon Hill Cemetery and Samuel Coleridge-Taylor

Searching for South London Surrey ancestors? Bandon Hill Cemetery, Wallington joins the Sutton and Merton Collections in the Deceased Online database.
Last week Deceased Online supplemented its South London Collection with the full set of burial records for Bandon Hill Cemetery, Wallington, in the London Borough of Sutton. As the cemetery is jointly run by the London Boroughs of Sutton and Croydon, it is worth investigating if any of your relatives died in either of those areas. Bandon Hill is situated in Plough Lane, Wallington SM6 8JQ and is a working cemetery. However, today burial rights are only given for reclaimed graves where burial space remains but has not been used for 75 years.

In 1900, Croydon Rural District Council opened the Cemetery in grounds of approximately 6 1/4 hectares. The records in the Deceased Online database date from 7 March 1900 and go up to 2012. The records cover more than 30,000 burials.
Probably the most celebrated name in the burial registers is that of t…

Industrial Deaths in the Black Country

This week, Deceased Online added more records to its Sandwell Collection. The new records cover parts of the Black Country where death from industrial work or pollution were common. In this week's post, I explore further into the lives and deaths of West Midlands Ancestors.

The Deceased Online database now holds over 3.5 million records from the Midlands, including the Black Country in the West Midlands, and Lincoln in the East Midlands. This week, we added burial registers forRowley Regis Cemetery and Crematorium, Fallings Heath Cemetery in Wednesbury, and Sandwell Valley Crematorium (previously known as West Bromwich Crematorium). Rowley Regis, Wednesbury, and West Bromwich have all contributed to the rich history of the region known as the Black Country. Wednesbury stands in the north of the area, with West Bromwich to the west and Rowley Regis to the south.

The area gained its name from the rich seam of coal that lay on the surface, butas industrialisation spread, so did the pol…