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Blue Plaque Hero: George Arthur Roberts (1890-1970)

Last week, the life of a Camberwell war hero, firefighter and community activist was celebrated with the unveiling of a blue plaque. Deceased Online is proud to hold the cremation record of George A. Roberts as part of its Southwark Collection.
In 2015, the Southwark Heritage Association asked for members of the public to vote on who should win that year's Southwark Blue Plaque for their contribution to the London borough. Sergeant George Arthur Roberts was the first nominee in the contest. Having won the award, George's plaque was unveiled at at a ceremony on Sunday 11 September 2016 at his former home in Warner Road, Camberwell under the watchful eyes of a guard of honour from London Fire Brigade. Also present was Tedwin Herbert, the Acting High Commissioner for Trinidad and Tobago.

Described by renowned historian Stephen Bourne as a "forgotten Camberwell hero", George Arthur Roberts was born in 1890 on the West Indian island of Trinidad. Roberts enlisted in the Tri…

Back to School and the Cambridge City Collection

This week, children from across England and Wales returned to school. Scottish children went back a few weeks ago. And soon, thousands of older students will be heading off to colleges and universities. With the new academic term underway, this week's post looks at notable contributors to British education.
The city of Cambridge in East Anglia is famed worldwide for its contribution to academia and the advancement of education at all levels. Burial and cremation records from the city have been in our database for a number of years. Deceased Online's Cambridge City Council Collection includes:
Cambridge City Crematorium. Huntingdon Road, Girton, Cambridge CB3 0JJ (from 1938; no addresses or places of death are revealed on records from the past 13 years)Newmarket Road Cemetery (Cambridge City Cemetery), Newmarket Road/Ditton Lane, Cambridge CB5 8PE (from 1903)Huntingdon Road Cemetery (on the same site as the City Crematorium; from 2003) The collection includes the details of many…