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Deceased Online looks back at more successful times for Arsenal Football Club

Bertie Mee, OBE (25 December 1918 - 20 October 2001) This week at Deceased Online we have been celebrating the start of the 2012/2013 football season. We were surprised by how many footballers, club founders and managers we’ve found in the database. Some are not well-known, but others, like Tiverton Preedy (1863-1928) had a major effect on football’s history. Preedy and others will be profiled in more detail in future blogs. One of England’s biggest football clubs, Arsenal, has had a challenging time recently, not winning any trophies for seven years. Fans may prefer to look back on 1971 when the north London side became only the second club in the 20 th century to win the ‘double’ of the FA Cup and League Division One. The manager who took them to this great success was the team’s former physiotherapist, Bertie Mee. The Highbury Stadium where Arsenal celebrated their double triumph under Bertie Mee.  (Copyright: Wikimedia Commons) Born in Nottinghamshire on C

We strike gold on Deceased Online and find records for British Olympians from over 100 years ago

Scottish Olympic Heroes: Thomas ‘Ted’ Ranken (18 May 1875 – 27 April 1950)  and Arthur ‘Archie’ James Robertson (19 April 1879 - 18 April 1957) Here at Deceased Online, we are very much enjoying the London 2012 Olympic Games and are now looking forward to the fantastic Edinburgh Festival. To celebrate both, we are highlighting two Scottish Olympic heroes whose records can be found on the Deceased Online database. Scottish athletes, Katherine Grainger, Heather Stanning, Andy Murray, Tim Baillie and Scott Brash, have all won gold at the 2012 Games. Fellow Scot, Sir Chris Hoy, has entered the record books for winning his sixth gold medal and becoming Britain’s most successful Olympian. Gold medals were just as abundant for Scots and other Britons in 1908, when London first hosted the Olympics.  At the beginning of the Games, the Bishop of Pennsylvania gave a now-famous sermon at St Paul’s Cathedral, in which he declared, “The important thing in these Olympiads is not to

The conventional daughter of one of the 19th century's most notorious couples

Horatia Nelson Ward (29 January 1801- 6 March 1881) Horatia Nelson kneeling before her father's tomb, by William Owen (after 1807), (c) Wikimedia Commons: We hope you have found some of your ancestors in the recent releases from Deceased Online . We were interested to find that the latest batch of records from the London Borough of Harrow includes the grave details of Horatia Nelson Ward. Horatia, the illegitimate daughter of Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson and Lady Emma Hamilton, was buried at Paines Lane Cemetery (or the Old Cemetery, Paines Lane), Pinner in Middlesex on 11 March 1881. Burial Register Scan from Deceased Online Horatia had an unconventional start to life, being born at the home of her mother’s husband, Sir William Hamilton, in Piccadilly, London. As both her parents were married to other people, they had their daughter christened as “Horatia Nelson Thompson”, but later adopted her. Neverth