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International Day of Families 2018

Today marks the International Day of Families 2018. This week's post focuses on the migratory ancestors we encounter in our genealogical research. The  United Nations' (UN)'s International Day of Families  has been held annually on May 15th since 1993. The Day demonstrates the UN's belief in the importance of families: "Families remain at the centre of social life ensuring the well-being of their members, educating and socializing children and youth and caring for young and old." For the UN, "family-oriented policies can contribute to  . . . doing away with poverty and hunger, ensuring healthy lives and promoting of well-being for all ages, ensuring educational opportunities throughout the lifespan and achieving gender equality." Families are, of course, central to family history research. Genealogy searches can be complicated by the division of families as members moved away - sometimes to the other side of the world. Although families did keep i