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West Norwood Cemetery in the Twentieth Century

This week I continue my series on  Deceased Online's  West Norwood Cemetery Collection with an introduction to the many celebrate individuals buried there after 1900. As the new century dawned, West Norwood saw the burial of John Lawson Johnston (1839-1900),  a meat supplier, who became a millionaire after inventing Bovril, a popular fluid beef extract drink of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He was buried beneath a large marble monument in the form of a classical portico. Burial record entry of John Lawson Johnston (1839-1900) in the burial registers of West Norwood Cemetery, digitsed on Deceased Online The following year,  civil engineer,   Richard Henry Brunton  (1841-1901) , was buried. Brunton  designed lighthouses, bridges, roads and harbours in Japan. In honour of this, his new headstone was erected by the Yokohama Chamber of Commerce.  Others buried in West Norwood in the following years include Sir August Friedrich Manns (1825-1907) , a  musici

Famous Victorians in West Norwood Cemetery

West Norwood Cemetery - the Victorian era   This week, I take a deeper look at the Victorian records of  Deceased Online's  new  West Norwood Cemetery Collection Above: Sir Henry Doulton's Grade II Listed mausoleum Like the other Magnificent Seven cemeteries, West Norwood is celebrated for its Victorian funerary architecture, particularly those of the gothic tradition, and its peaceful garden space and wildlife in a city environment. This week's post highlights some of the lives of the Victorians buried in the south London site. The Victorian records for this site o n  Deceased Online  cover 1837 to 1901. During this period, some of the city's most well-known residents were buried there. Isabella Beeton,  née  Mayson, photographed in about 1854 Mrs ISABELLA MARY BEETON (1836-1865)  As featured in last week's post, one of the most celebrated inhabitants of West Norwood is cookery writer, Mrs Beeton. Tragically, Isabella Beeton  died a