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Oxford City Council Collection on Deceased Online

This week I look at the full collection of burial and cremation records on Deceased Online from the historic city of Oxford By Hannah Johnston - Instagram, CC BY-SA 4.0, In August 2018, Deceased Online added  almost 50,000  burial and cremation records from  the Oxford cemeteries of Botley, Rose Hill and Wolvercote,  from   Oxford City Council . In July 2019, r ecords for the fourth   cemetery,  Headington Cemetery,   were uploaded to the database .  Records from 1899 to 2007 are available to search and view, with burial and grave register scans, a grave section location map, and details of other burials in the grave. Headington Cemetery records    digital scans of all burial registers up to 2007  computerised data 2007-2016 maps showing the section in which the grave is located grave details for each of the graves and their occupants.  History of Headington Cemetery By the mid-nineteenth century, Headington u