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Bethnal Green Tube Disaster Memorial

New memorial unveiled in London to commemorate the 1943 Bethnal Green Tube Disaster  On 17 December 2017, a large crowd, including survivors and officials such as the Mayor of London , attended an unveiling of the Stairway to Heaven Memorial in Bethnal Green.  While this recent monument is the only official memorial to the Bethnal Gr een Tube Disaster , several of the victims are also remembered at their burial places in  Manor Park Cemetery and Crematorium , London E7 . The tube disaster is now known to be one of the worst British civilian tragedies of the war. On the night of the 3 March 1943 , at 8.15pm, an air siren rang sounded to warn the people of the East End to take shelter. Some sheltered in cages in their homes, but many thousands took the local underground station – an increasingly popular place to hide from the bombs. In the struggle to clamber down the   blackout   staircase into Bethnal Green tube, a middle-aged woman and her child fell over. Those following tri

Happy New Year 2018

Deceased Online looks forward to an exciting 2018 Happy New Year to all readers of this blog! 2017 was an eventful year for Deceased Online with diverse additions of cremation and burial records to the  Deceased Online database  and this year we are looking forward to  even  more. We are pleased to have ready for release the burial and cremation data of more than 6 million people over the next 12 months, including: several cities the largest cemetery in the UK (covering 460 acres) the 5th of the Magnificent Seven cemeteries on Deceased Online - West Norwood Cemetery & Crematorium 1 million records from the North West and Manchester area. Deceased Online has millions of new records from UK burial and cremation authorities and The National Archives in the pipeline for this year. To ensure you don't miss any news,   register on the website (for free) and leave the emails option box  un-ticked  to receive notification automatically when any new records are added.