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Lewisham Collection: Ladywell

This week, Deceased Online adds to its Lewisham Collection with records from Ladywell Cemetery. Dating from 1858, the cemetery's registers should prove interesting for anyone with 19th or 20th century connections to South East London. Read on to discover the interesting entries I found while exploring the Ladywell records.    Ladywell Cemeter y was opened in 1858 as "Lewisham Cemetery" by Lewisham Burial Board. Today, the cemetery's official address is Ladywell Road, Ladywell Se13 7hy . Confusingly, Brockley Cemetery was laid out two months earlier in an adjacent plot, but by Deptford Burial Board. Today, Brockley and Ladywell Cemeteries are closely linked, but until 1948 they were divided by a low wall. Today this can still be identified by a bank. In 1965, with changes in London's local government, both cemeteries came under the control of the Borough of Lewisham.  Deceased Online will be adding Brockley records shortly. Both cemeteries are supported

Lewisham Collection: Grove Park Cemetery

Coming soon to Deceased Online are the burial and cremation records of the London Borough of Lewisham in South East London. As a taster of some of the fascinating people to be found in the collection, this week I look at the short life of circus horse trainer, Helmuth Barth. Lewisham lies to the south of central London landmarks like Canary Wharf Everyone at Deceased Online is very excited about the forthcoming release of records for the inner London Borough of Lewisham . Burial and cre mation records will be added to the database throughout September and October this year. They include full digital scans of original burial and cremation registers ( computerised records from the late 1990s) , grave details including all those buried in each grave, and maps indicating the sections for each grave. T he Lewisham Collection includes records from: Brockley Cemetery (records from 1858 - 1999) Ladywell Cemetery (which adjoins Brockley, records from 1858 - 1999) Grove Park