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Tudor Records on Deceased Online

In the week that the BBC launches its flagship Tudor television drama, Wolf Hall, I search the Deceased Online database for 16th century records and find one of Henry VIII's six wives. Emmy-winner Damian Lewis, as King Henry VIII, being filmed for Wolf Hall (BBC) Inspired by the major new BBC Two (Masterpiece on PBS) adaptation of Hilary Mantel’s Booker Prize-winning novels Wolf Hall and Bring Up The Bodies, I have been in a Tudor mood this week. I finished reading the first of the two novels last month and was excited to see whether the television adaptation would capture the sense of humanity, period and place that the author described so vividly in her writing. Mantel worked closely with director, Peter Kosminsky, during filming and has given drama her seal of approval, saying, "My expectations were high and have been exceeded: in the concision and coherence of the storytelling, in the originality of the interpretations, in the break from the romantic