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Stage and TV actor makes family history breakthroughs thanks to Deceased Online

This week, I am delighted to introduce a guest blog by actor, Paul Rider, who, when using the Deceased Online database to  search for his great grandfather's burial record, chanced upon his great aunts' entries too . Paul Rider is an actor well known for both Shakespearean stage roles (including at London's Globe Theatre) and to a wide range of radio and TV appearances including Doc Martin, Eastenders and French and Saunders. Although he now lives in South London, he hails from the West Midlands and has been fascinated by researching his family history. He contacted us recently to tell us how, after three decades of searching, he made some great personal family history discoveries through the records on . Here's Paul's story: For some time I'd been researching my family and in particular looking for the grave of my great grandfather, Richard William Rider . I’d examined birth, marriage and death registers when they only existe

Olympians of the Past

Whether you love or loathe sport, it's difficult to escape the excitement of this year's Olympic games. In this week's post, I look into the Deceased Online database at some of the athletes of the past and their very different experiences of sporting life from those competing at Rio 2016. The Olympics is all about breaking boundaries, and pushing faster, higher, stronger as captured in its Latin motto, Citius, altius, fortius. This year's games broke records before it began with Rio de Janeiro being the first South American city to host the tournament. British viewers have so far delighted in the medal successes of swimmers Adam Peaty and Jazz Carlin, divers Tom Daley and Dan Goodfellow, and "trap" shooter, Edward Ling. In the wake of London 2012, I blogged about a couple of Scottish Olympians in the Deceased Online database . As the number of collections has increased over the past four years, more Olympians have appeared. Close up of the entry for E