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Norfolk Cemeteries iii

This week, I highlight more of the collections at the recently uploaded  images of  Norfolk cemeteries   taken by Norfolk resident, Louise Cocker.  Deceased Online 's latest addition to the database is a little different from some of the other collections - and well worthing checking out. The above photograph is from St Ethlebert Churchyard in Alby, Norfolk. The transcription (which you can find on the Deceased Online database) reads: In the Memory of Agnes Elizabeth Semira who  Died November 2 1895 aged 7 Years also of Ethel Maud who  Died September 24th 1902 aged (Illegible) Years  the Beloved Daughters of Arthur and Mary Blyth (Illegible)  Monumental inscriptions (MIs) like this can provide useful clues for family history research. They can help identify children who were born and died between censuses. And they can confirm a death date for an individual. Researchers can then follow up on what they find in the database by identifying the relevan